Precinct Plans

Believed to effectively implement the macro controls established by the master plan, detailed guidelines for each precinct were proposed to be developed at a later date. The first Precinct Plan (2000) related to the immediate need for a Life Sciences Building. This was the only formal Precint Plan produced under this master plan.

The proposed Precinct Plans were to examine the neighbourhood in detail, in particular:

  1. The relationship and positioning of the Precinct within the Master Plan
  2. The program for the Precinct
  3. The local environment
  4. The existing infrastructure within the Precinct
  5. The inter-relationship of built elements within the Precinct

Planning and design studies carried out under this mode were to provide guidelines for:

  1. Built elements within each Precinct
  2. Spaces between and surrounding each element
  3. Building footprints and profiles
  4. Pedestrain movement in relation to the Master Plan
  5. Vehicular movement within each precinct together with parking and servicing
  6. Solar access
  7. Weather protection
  8. Exterior lighting
  9. Hard and soft landscaping

Conceptual Design guidelines for each precinct component were also to be developed for:

  1. Individual and particular programs for each component
  2. Key requirements of local, provicial and national authorities
  3. Built footprints outlined by the Precinct Plan
  4. Built heights and setbacks
  5. Built form and open space as determined by the Master Plan
  6. Structure and services as determined by building function and economics
  7. Pedestrian and vehicular movement in relation to other elements in the Precinct Plan
  8. Passive and active environmental controls incorporating low energy principles where possible
  9. Optimum location of facilities within the framework developed
  10. A palette of interior and exterior materials and finishes

All capital expansion projects were to be reviewed for conformity to the Conceptual Design Guidelines by the master Planner at the completion of the Design Development stage of each project to ensure compliance.

Over time, the master plan was intended to be updated as Precinct Plans were developed and projects were implemented.

See page 5.3 of the Master Plan Report (2000)