Long Range Plan

The Long Range Plan (1990) proposed a total of six options, several adhering to the spirit of the original Development Plan. Highlights of the plan included:

  1. Science expansion of the south wing (Project 2) in a similar low form bridging a connection to an expanding idea for future academic student housing developing eastward on the opposite coulee.
  2. South expansion from the south-west corner of the Centre for the Arts with the proposed Library, academic administration and art gallery as program.
  3. Re-affirming the main entrance to campus and central place of arrival in new entrance to proposed Library facility.
  4. Expansion of Athletic facilities to the north from existing locations.
  5. Northward expansion of Sciences again from University Hall.
  6. West expansion of University Hall from north end of building, creating a quadrangle space in the depressed gully of the coulee area between buildings.
  7. Enhancement of three access points to University campus areas.
  8. Research area to the south on newly aquired lands as a distinct area.
  9. Expansion of student services east of Students' Union and athletic facilities to provide a stronger indoor connection to westward expanding facilities.
  10. Closed loops of buildings and internal spaces that complete circulation paths in both the north and south halves of campus, Aperture Drive being the central spine.

Diagram of the Long Range Plan for campus expansion, Watson Horton Ferrari Architects, 1990.