Precinct Plans

To effictively implement the macro controls establshed by the master plan, detailed guidelines for each preceinct will need to be developed. They will examine the neighbourhood in detail, and in particular

a. The relationship and positioning of the Prceinct in the Master Plan

b. The program for the Precinct

c. The local environment

d. The existing infrastructure within the Precint

e. The inter-relationship of built elements within the Precinct

Planning and design studies carried out will further devleop programs, parameters and palettes which, within each Precinct, will provide guidelines for:

1. Built elements within each Precinct

2. Spaces between and surrounding each built element

3. Building footprints and profiles

4. Pedestrian movement in relation to the Master Plan

5. Vehicular movement within each precinct together with parking and servicing

6. Solar access

7. Weather protection

8. Exterior lighting

9. Hard and soft landscaping