Key Development Guidelines

Master Plan Report, June 2000

The following objectives were presented in the executive summary of the plan:

  1. Future development and conservation of buildings and landscape of the University occurs to strengthen the character of each of the precinctual areas identified in this report in accordance with the principles outlined in this Master Plan Report and associated Conceptual Design Guidelines which are to be prepared for each of the precincts.
  2. No further campus development occurs in the riverbank area below the City of Lethbridge geotechnical setback line.
  3. Future academic and research buildings are not constructed as 'icons', providing flexibility and adaptability to a range of possible uses, facilitating decentralization of core campus facilities, allowing incremental growth and incorporating direct connection of pedestrain networks with adjoining buildings.
  4. Elevator shafts in the Centre for the Arts (UCA) be extended to provide a better connection between the Level 9 pedestrian walkway and the Level 6 pedestrian concourse of University Hall.
  5. West Lot car park be utilized for the development of an Academic Facilities Complex together with adjoining Conference Centre and a new Theatre/Art Gallery with a below grade connection to the Gymnasium and existing pedestrain spine of the campus.
  6. Future academic and research buildings adopt a 24 metre wide steel framed single storey structure with curved snow shedding roofs and wind protected courtyards on their eastern sides (modified Anderson Hall model).
  7. Proposed Life Sciences Building (now known as the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience) stage 1 of the Research Park to be developed in the north west corner of campus, incorporates the design principles outlined in this report.
  8. Future student housing in the Aperture Park area be developed in maximum two storey groupings of 8 rooms around self contained living/dining/kitchen and bath room areas as outlined in this report.
  9. Planting of landscaped areas be restricted to hardy deciduous canpy trees and ground covers which do not require irrigation. Shrubs should be removed.

Master Plan Executive Summary - Master Plan Report, June 2000