Site B - West Ridge

We recommend this location for siting the Library facility since it answers a number of associated program requirements:

  1. A well defined, properly scaled and identifiable entrance to the campus can be developed in conjunction with the Library building.
  2. A small but well controlled gallery can be incorporated for display of the renowned University collection.
  3. An orientation/information/security point can be incorporated within the entrance area.
  4. A future conference facility with associated kitchen space (priority 3) can be located adjacent to the general entrance area.
  5. A protected arival area can be incorporated for passenger drop and pick up.
  6. The differential in slope works well for a service entry below.

Issues associated with this site:

  • A 6 metre drop in elevation occurs from the Student Union plaza to the existing entrance. The new entry point, some 70 metres to the west, will be approximately 2 metres higher requiring interior stairs and/or ramping to the Level 9 walkway.
  • Protection from prevailing west south-westerly winds will also be neceassary at the new entrance to the campus.
  • Minimal excavations of the ridge should be investigated for reasons described in the geo-technical report, the Library being accommodated in either a three or four floor configuration.
  • The wind protected and sunny south east edge of this site could be utilized as terraces for library staff, users, etc.