Site A - South Coulee

Our recommendation for this site is that it be developed for Science expansion in a wing building extending across the south coulee gully. The building would provide three levels of academic space connected through Level 6 to the adjoining atrium in University Hall and to a drop off and parking area for approximately 80 cars at Level 5 adjacent to the foyer area of the Theatre Complex of the Centre for the Arts.

The location is recommended for Science for a number of reasons:

  1. The student/faculty group is immediately adjacent to the atrium between University Hall and the Centre for the Arts.
  2. This is an optional location for prevailing winds to move laboratory fumes with minimal impact on the rest of campus.
  3. This site locates the Science Department closer to potential future Research Park facilities which may be developed on the recently aquired land south of the current University boundary.
  4. A new wing in this location reinforces the original Erickson/Massey plan.