Spaces and Technology

image of film negatives

Critique Space/ Camera Obscura

The Critique Space/Camera Obscura (W842) is a modestly-sized room that acts as a camera obscura and critique/presentation space


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Digital Fabrication

Digital Fabrication

Digital Fabrication equipment is available to students who have taken Art 3015 (Digital Fabrication), offered in the spring semester, or who have received the necessary training through one of the Art Department Technicians.

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Room with computer workstations, tablets, and printers

Digital Fine Arts Lab & Large Format Printing

A studio for digital visual arts study and practice.


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Student drawing in studio

Drawing & Foundation Studio Classrooms

W869 and W871 share a large storage area with the Painting Studio (W817), which accommodates both portfolios and storage of 3D work, while W520 is furnished with flat files for storing 2D works and movable shelving for object storage.

W520, W869, W871

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Gallery space on level 8 of the fine arts building

Exhibition spaces

Select walls and spaces may be used for art student exhibition purposes and faculty course projects.

Various locations in the University of Lethbridge Centre for the Arts

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Desk with drawings on walls

Individual Art Studios- Advanced & Senior Studio

W890 and W823 are divided into individual studio spaces in which students enrolled in Advanced and Senior Studio may pursue their practice.

W823 & W890

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Painting studio full of easels and painting stations

Painting Studio

The Painting Studio is a spacious, well-equipped studio shared among all levels of painting classes, and painting students have 24-hour access to the studio.


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students taking down art in penny gallery

Penny Gallery

The Penny Gallery is a multi-use space dedicated to student and faculty exhibitions, performances and other creative activities.

Dr. Foster James Penny Building, 324 - 5th Street South, Lethbridge, AB

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Student sitting on stool for photoshoot

Photography Studio

The photography facilities include a full wet darkroom with regular and mural-format enlargers, a black and white film processing area, as well as a “dry” work space furnished with light table, copy stand, paper cutter, and dry-mounting presses. Lockers in the studio are available for students to use as storage.


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Pinhole (Foundations) Darkroom

Pinhole (Foundations) Darkroom

The Foundations Darkroom (W844A) is attached to the Printmaking Silkscreen Studio (W844). It is a small darkroom used by Foundations classes for pinhole or photogram-based work.


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Student using silkscreen press

Print Studio & Silk Screen Studio

The Print Studio (L804) is a spacious studio in which all levels of Printmaking are held. Students can work on a range of techniques including relief printing, intaglio, and lithography. The Silk Screen Studio (W844) is a smaller space where screens are prepared, exposed, and printed.

Print Studio L804, Silk Screen Studio W844

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glen mackinnon and student working on sculpture

Sculpture Facilities

The Sculpture Facilities include the wood shop, metal shop, ceramics area, plaster room, as well as a bronze and aluminum foundry.

W840 & W890

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Weaving loom

Textile Studio

The Textile Studios are located upstairs in the wood shop. They are comprised of a sewing room and a weaving room.

Above the wood shop (W890)

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Room with table, chairs, and a TV

The Loft

The Loft (W896) is located in the wood shop. It is a small, informal space often used for class presentations or lectures.


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Gallery space

University of Lethbridge Art Gallery

Through the art works presented and collected, we spark dialogue, support interdisciplinary discussion, and invite contemplation.

The Dr. Margaret (Marmie) Perkins Hess Gallery - W600 and The Helen Christou Gallery (located in level 9 under the library)

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