Penny Gallery

students taking down art in penny gallery

Location: Dr. Foster James Penny Building, 324 - 5th Street South, Lethbridge, AB

Exhibitions, public performance and/or interactions with the public are an integral part of the fine arts, and to that end, the Penny Gallery (Dr. Foster James Penny Building) provides a venue for these activities as well as serves as laboratory space for student, faculty research and creative activity within all fine arts disciplines. This multi-use space serves users within the Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Lethbridge, and the community.

Who can use the space

  • Graduate candidates under the direction of their thesis supervisor
  • Undergraduate students registered for classes using the Penny Gallery for class work
  • Faculty of Fine Arts faculty and staff
  • University of Lethbridge departmental units
  • Community rentals

Security Operating Procedure - Penny Gallery

Parking at the Penny Building

Technical Specifications

  • Access upon request to portable University Theatre resources (LED lighting, sound system, projectors)
  • Staging and risers Winger fixed leg - 4x8”, 6x16”, 12x24”
  • Grand piano
  • 360-degree surround projection room
  • New Media exhibition equipment including PCs, monitors, headphones, and projectors
  • Room dividers

Penny Gallery Floor Plan