Textile Studio

Weaving loom

Location: Above the wood shop (W890)

Weaving Room

The weaving room is equipped with a 4-harness Nilus Leclerc jack-type floor loom, a 4-harness table loom and two rigid heddle looms, as well as a small library and all the necessary weaving accessories. A selection of threads and yarns is available for student use. Although there is no weaving program, weaving workshops are held upon request in order to introduce various weaving techniques to interested art students.

Once students have had the necessary training, they may book use of the floor or table loom, or sign out one of the rigid heddle looms.

Sewing Room

The sewing room is equipped with 3 Pfaff 140s sewing machines, a Titan long-arm sewing machine, a Brother computerized sewing machine, and a variety of fabric scraps and sewing notions that are available for use by students in order to complete assignmentss.

Instructors may book the sewing room for use by a class, who will be given a demonstration by one of the Technicians. When not in use by classes, time on any of the Pfaff machines may be reserved by any art student by using the sign-up sheet posted on the door. However, a specialized demonstration must be given before using either the Brother or Titan machines.

Access to the Textile Studio is restricted to the hours that the sculpture facilities are open. For information about weaving workshops, sewing demonstrations, or access to the studio, please contact the Head Technician, Mary-Anne McTrowe.

More information

Office: W838

Who can use the space

Art students.

Technical Specifications

  • 4-harness Nilus Leclerc jack-type floor loom
  • 4-harness table loom
  • Two rigid heddle looms
  • Three Pfaff 140s sewing machines
  • Titan long-arm sewing machine
  • Brother computerized sewing machine
  • Sewing notions