Game Research Lab

Image of student using Oculus Rift VR headset

Location: W560

The Game Research Lab supports gaming-related courses and is outfitted with various game consoles (historical and contemporary) and related equipment such as TVs, monitors, and other peripherals. The lab also contains a small collection of videogames, most of which have been kindly donated by professors and past students.

Food and drink are prohibited in the lab. There is a "no guests" policy, as only students who are granted access to the lab are allowed in the space.

Who can use the space

The Game Research Lab is a support space for gaming-related courses offered in the Department of New Media such as NMED 3300 (Theory and Aesthetics of Video Games) and New Media 4710 (Video Game Production). In these courses, access to the lab is automatically provided to enroled students for the duration of the semester. Swipe-card access ensures that students can work in the lab at any time of day (note that regularly-scheduled course activities are given priority access).


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Technical Specifications

  • TVs
  • Various game consoles (historical and contemporary)
  • Small collection of videogames