Costume Shop

sewing station and rack of costumes

Location: W531 - Costume Cages, W539 - Costume Lab, W540 - Craft Room and W542 - Costume Shop

The costume shop (W542), craft room (W540), storage spaces and costume cages (W531), managed through the Department of Drama, provide the tools and space necessary to create, repair and maintain costuming materials for production and class use. Dedicated specifically for classwork and Drama Mainstage productions, these shop spaces provide the resources to create and construct all items worn on the body, including but not limited to clothing, hats, shoes, makeup, facial hair, wigs, corsetry and undergarments. Puppets and masks are also built in these spaces.

An extensive and impressive costume collection, comprised of items that span eras from Egyptian to modern, is maintained in several costume storage areas. The collection has grown to include items constructed and designed for various productions, and also include donations from notable individuals and families including Roloff Beny, Dr. Kathleen (Kay) Kerr, James (Jim) Coutts and the Singer family (Jim, Phyllis and Melissa) among many others.

The costume shop also maintains a large fabric and sewing supply inventory, and a craft room (W540) dedicated to painting and dying.

The costume lab (W539) serves as construction and lab space for Department of Drama students, for both class work and production work. Equipped with sewing supplies, machines, irons, and dress forms, this space ensures students are supplied with all necessary materials to complete their projects.

Who can use the space

W531 and costume storage - To access costume stock, a request can be made up to 48 hours in advance and is open to Department of Drama students only. Non-drama students may request costume stock but it is at the discretion of the Costume Shop Lead. Rental fees and restrictions may apply.

W539 - Accessible to Department of Drama Students

W540 - Craft room - Restricted access

W542 - Students must have completed stagecraft and complete a safety orientation and WHMIS certification before they are eligible to access the Costume Shop. They must pre-book time to use the space during regular work hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm) with the Costume Shop Lead, Lynn Hopkins - Students are not able to work in the space without the Costume Shop Lead or Costume Shop Assistant present.

Shop Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Technical Specifications

  • Industrial and domestic sewing machines and surgers (Pfaff and Juki)
  • Industrial irons
  • Steamers
  • Basic sewing tools
  • Three cutting tables
  • Extensive array of dress form sizes
  • Two washers and two dryers (restricted)
  • Extensive stock and cross-selection of fabric
  • Two large areas for fabric storage