Exhibition spaces

Gallery space on level 8 of the fine arts building

Location: Various locations in the University Centre for the Arts

Several spaces on Level 8 of the University Centre for the Arts have been designated as display areas for student artwork. The L804 hallway exhibition wall, 8th level exhibition walls and mezzanine, and the W898 “bunker” may be reserved by an Art student for a maximum period of one week, although shorter periods are also encouraged. The exhibition walls can be reserved by one or more students (as collaboratively agreed), or by a faculty member for a course project, by filling out the sign-up sheet located adjacent to the wall.

As a general rule, each student should sign up for only one exhibition per semester, and priority is first-come, first-served. Before signing up for an exhibition period, you must arrange for a Faculty member to approve your work; you and they must complete the sign-up sheet with names and contact information.

Set-up and take-down generally take place on Saturday — visit the Shop on Friday afternoon so that you can sign out the necessary equipment to install your exhibition on Saturday afternoon, and uninstall, repair, and paint the following Saturday morning by noon in order to accommodate the next exhibition.

A paint kit is available from technicians in W840, and patching and painting instructions are available both with the kit and in the Art Department’s Safe Work Practice Manuals. It is your responsibility to repair the walls at the end of your exhibition period.

For the purposes of class critiques and for periods of less than a week, you may install work in the 8th level south hallway or the 7th level Photo Arts hallway. These do not have designated sign-up sheets, but it is a good idea, during busy times of the semester, to put a note on the wall indicating the dates you will be using it, immediately prior to installing your work. Although it is a much less formal arrangement, it is still expected that you repair these walls if necessary when you take your work down.

If you wish to display your work somewhere on campus other than in the areas described above, please see the Student Art Placement Policy information.

More information

Office: W838

Who can use the space

Individual art students, or collaboratively agreed groups of students.