Critique Space/ Camera Obscura

image of film negatives

Location: W842

The Critique Space/ Camera Obscura (W842) is a modest sized room that acts as a camera obscura and critique/presentation space.

This space is appropriate for class presentations or lectures, or, for periods no longer than one day, exhibition and critique of artwork. The room is equipped with an iMac, large flat screen monitor, and sound system, as well as a data projector and projection screen.

The room may be booked by Art students for individual or collaborative use, as well as by faculty for class use. There is a sign-up sheet located next to the door.

Please do not arrive before, or stay after, your booked time. If you need to change or cancel a booking, do so as soon as possible so the room may be made available to others.

The Critique Space/Camera Obscura is available 24 hours a day.

More information

Office: W838

Who can use the space

Art students and faculty

Technical Specifications

  • iMac
  • Flat screen monitor
  • Sound system
  • Data projector & screen