School of Graduate Studies Governing Principles


Approved by General Faculties Council July 1, 2023

The University of Lethbridge is a comprehensive academic and research institute, which offers graduate programs, at the Master and Doctoral levels, spanning over 60 disciplines. Additional graduate programs will be introduced, to meet the demands of Faculty researchers and students, in alignment with the strategic priorities of the University of Lethbridge.

Graduate work at the University of Lethbridge started in 1982 with the introduction of the MEd degree program in the Faculty of Education. In 1991, thesis based MA and MSc programs were introduced. With the approval of the MSc in Management program in June of 2000 and the implementation of the doctoral program in limited academic areas, consolidation of all post-baccalaureate programs under the School of Graduate Studies was proposed and approved by the General Faculties Council (GFC) in April 2000. At its 17 May 2000 meeting, the Board of Governors established the School of Graduate Studies.

In accordance with the Board of Governors approved provisions, Deans’ Council, at its 19 July 2000 meeting, formed a Constituent Assembly for the School of Graduate Studies, consisting of faculty members from all Faculties and Schools. This Assembly was mandated to establish policies, procedures and principles governing the School of Graduate Studies.

The Constituent Assembly met on December 1, 2000, and formed an Ad-hoc Executive Committee, consisting of the Dean of Graduate Studies, Chairs of all program committees and a faculty member. The mandate of this committee was to draft a document on “Governing Principles” of the School for GFC’s review and approval. At its 7 May 2001 meeting, GFC, upon recommendation of the School of Graduate Studies Constituent Assembly, approved the Governing Principles. The School of Graduate Studies has established policies and procedures based on those principles.