SGS Governing Principles (Approved by General Faculties Council July 1, 2023)

V. Program Chairs Committee

Membership of Program Chairs Committee | Potential Areas of Advisement

The Program Chairs Committee (PCC) is advisory to graduate council and provides a forum for discussion, coordination, and recommendation on matters related to program-level processes, procedures, and initiatives.

Membership of Program Chairs Committee

  • Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Chair)
  • The Chair of each graduate program committee (see School of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures manual for current list)

Potential Areas of Advisement 

These may include but are not limited to:

  • admission processes
  • application processes
  • examination and defence processes
  • post-admission monitoring of student progress
  • School of Graduate Studies policies related to program administration
  • Graduate academic regulations (Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue)

The PCC was originally created as an ad hoc committee by the Vice-President (Academic) in June of 2010 and was approved by Graduate Council on May 12, 2011 as a standing committee of the School of Graduate Studies.

Quorum: At least 50% of voting members.