SGS Governing Principles (as of April 9, 2018)

V. Program Chairs Committee

Membership of Program Chairs Committee | Potential Areas of Advisement

The Program Chairs Committee (PCC) is advisory to graduate council and provides a forum for discussion, coordination, and recommendation on matters related to program-level processes, procedures, and initiatives.

Membership of Program Chairs Committee

  • Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Chair)
  • The Chair of each graduate program committee (see Appendix A for current list)

Potential Areas of Advisement 

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Admission processes
  • Application processes
  • Examination and defence processes
  • Post-admission monitoring of student progress
  • SGS policies related to program administration
  • Graduate academic regulations (Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue)

The PCC was originally created as an ad hoc committee by the Vice-President (Academic) in June of 2010 and was approved by Graduate Council on May 12, 2011 as a standing committee of the School of Graduate Studies.

Quorum: At least 50% of voting members.