Funding & Fees Information for Beginning Your Graduate Program Journey

Important Documents for Your Review

Program specific policies and regulations are available in:

Funding & Fees Checklist

Provide your payroll information

  • Only necessary if you will be receiving payment through the University
  • In order for your payments to be made to you through Payroll, the following information is required
    1. ‘Direct Deposit’ form
    2. Social Insurance Number
      • You will need to obtain a letter of employment from your home department to take to Service Canada prior to applying for your SIN.
  • Information must submitted to Payroll by the ‘Monthly and One-time Payroll Authorization Forms’ date in the ‘Payroll Calendar’ to receive payment at the end of the month
  • Questions? Contact the School of Graduate Studies Graduate Awards Advisor.
  • Determine your tuition and fees

    • You must be registered in your program for this feature to work
    • Tuition and fees won’t be officially charged to your account until the first day of classes
    • In the meantime, you can use the Registration Fee Assessment tool to determine the cost of your tuition and fees
      • Graduate students are charged a program fee. Fees for graduate students are not based on current course registration.
    • Here are the steps to access the Registration Fee Assessment
      • Login to the Bridge:
      • Click on 'Registrar's Office and Student Services'
      • Click on 'Cash Office'
      • Click on ‘Registration Fee Assessment’
    • See the Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue for information on fees.
    • Questions? Contact the Cash Office.

    Pay your tuition and fees

    Review award and scholarship opportunities

    Apply for student loans today

    Cash and receive your student loan

    Find a part-time job

    Add money to your Bridge Bucks account

    • More information is available at
    • Bridge Bucks turns your campus ID card into an on-campus debit card for the following operations:
      • All food locations outside of the Students’ Union building (e.g., Urban Market, Tim Hortons, Starbucks); the Bookstore; print and copy machines; student printing in the Library and computing labs; select uLethbridge vending machines; and all residence laundry facilities
    • Money can be deposited on your account:
      • In-person at the Cash Office, Bookstore, or at one of the self-serve cash load stations on campus
      • Online through the Mycard Manager site
    • Questions? Contact Mycard.