Supervisor - Student Guidelines

The School of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the Graduate Students’ Association, has prepared a Supervisor – Student Guidelines document. These guidelines are designed to provide a discussion framework for use by supervisors and graduate students to establish guidelines for supporting and managing their relationships and interactions. Graduate students should familiarize themselves with these general guidelines at the start of their degree program and during their graduate education.

The Supervisor – Student Guidelines document should be completed at the beginning of the student’s program and then reviewed annually, or revisited at any stage of the student’s graduate program. Both the supervisor and student should retain a copy of the signed guidelines and forward a copy to the School of Graduate Studies for placement in the student’s file. Additional supplementary information that may pertain to the guidelines such as, the Graduate Student IP Guidelines or any related program forms and documents (e.g., Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue Degree-specific Policies and Procedures manuals, etc.), should also be reviewed and revisted at various stages throughout the student's graduate program.