Reviewer Scholarship System Guide

A Reviewer Experience video


Once you have reached the log-in page, if you have ULeth credentials you can now log in via SSO by clicking the "Sign in with your Instittuion"

If you have issues signing into the form, be sure you are using google chrome or FireFox as a web browser. If the issue persists, delete the cookies stored in your computer, or open a chrome browser in incognito mode.

References and Reviewers Tab

Once you log in the landing page will display all of the open review committees you are a part of including the deadlines for each review.

Opportunities to Evaluate

By clicking on a review committee, you will be taken to the summary page that includes the list of applicants and your rating of each application.

School of Graduate Studies Fellowship

School of Graduate Studies Fellowship: Opportunity Details

Once you begin a review, you will see a detailed explanation of the award criteria. Note the 3 highlighted tabs:

1. Review: See the form that the reviewer will complete

Profile - Review Tab

2. Application: See the applicants information/answers

Profile - Application Tab

3. Side-by-Side: See the review form and student application side-by-side

Profile - Side-by-Side Tab

On the bottom right are the save button that saves your progress so that you may comeback to your review as needed, and the submit button to finalize your review.