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"Our graduate students, their accomplishments, and their future embody our identity as a comprehensive and academic research institute."
School of Graduate Studies, Mission Statement

Our Stories

Living with Chronic Conditions: Dr. Kamrul Islam's Research Highlight

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes or dementia, are becoming more common. As of 2019, 44% of Canadian adults aged 20+ have at least 1 of 10 common chronic diseases . Having one chronic condition …

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Gut Check: Highlighting Dr. Chelsea Matisz’s research on the gut-brain axis and IBD

How connected is our brain to our gut? Dr. Chelsea Matisz studies the relationship between chronic gut-inflammation and mood disorders, and she’s discovering just how deep the connection goes. Chronic gut-inflammation is …

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Welcome to Fall 2020, Graduate Students!

Oki! and welcome to the School of Graduate Studies! We are so excited to have all of our graduate students, both new and returning, back for Fall 2020. It’s been an intense …

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Gambling in the Time of COVID: Dr. Carrie A. Leonard Research Highlight

When the casinos are shut down, where do gamblers go? Dr. Carrie A. Leonard wants to find out.

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