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"Our graduate students, their accomplishments, and their future embody our identity as a comprehensive and academic research institute."
School of Graduate Studies, Mission Statement

Our Stories

A Counselling Psychology Program Respected Across Canada: Dr. Kerry Bernes

The work of Dr. Kerry Bernes and his colleagues is so successful that the Faculty of Education now boasts counselling psychology programs respected across Canada, with applicants coming from far and wide …

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Dr. Amy von Heyking: High-quality education systems are created through rigorous and collaborative accountability systems

Curriculum-development research has been a passion for Dr. Amy von Heyking, who has examined history curriculum across Canada, along with educational policy surrounding curriculum development and implementation. It's a topic in the news with …

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Wellness and Gratitude: "Spending time with family and friends is really at the heart of everything," Daphne Sander (BA/BEd ’92, MEd '11)

"I’m very fortunate. Not to say that there haven't been challenges along the way — there certainly have been — but I recognize that I have a lot of good in my life and the …

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Harnessing Biological Information in a Data-Driven World

Bioinformatics allows us to analyze and understand large amount of information, helping us with everything from personalizing cancer treatments to making agriculture more sustainable.

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