Governor General’s Gold Medal and Medal of Merit for Graduate Studies

Each academic year, the Governor General’s Gold Medal is awarded to the graduate student with the highest academic standing overall and a Medal of Merit is awarded to the student in each graduate program with the highest academic standing in that program. 

To be eligible, nominees may include those who convocated in the Fall 2019 or who will convocate at the Spring 2020 Convocation, and who have their thesis/project signed off by their examiners by April 2nd, 2021 (the Recommendation of the Award of the Degree is submitted).

Selection Process

From the list of students graduating in the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 Convocation:

  • Each Graduate Program Committee will recommend to the Medal Committee the recipient of that program’s Medal of Merit;
  • The Medal Committee (Graduate Council Executive) will make the final selection for any Medal of Merit where there are nominations from multiple Graduate Program Committees;
  • The Medal Committee (Graduate Council Executive) will select the recipient of the Governor General’s Gold Medal from the pool of successful Medal of Merit recipients.

Medal recipients are selected using the Confidential Appraisal Form along with a letter of reference that highlights the student's various strengths and accomplishments, provided by each of the Supervisor(s), the Supervisory Committee Members, and/or other Faculty Members, and the External Examiner (each reference letter requires the form). It is necessary for the supervisor to provide an up to date CV and student contact information.   All documents are to be submitted electronically to the appropriate email by the associated deadline (see table below).

The School of Graduate Studies or appropriate Faculty will pull for the following information from the system to complete the application:

  • CV -if an updated one is not provided by the supervisor; 
  • Transcripts ;
  • Thesis Abstract ;
  • Thesis/research or project report.

Deadline to Submit Nominations

It is the Supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that documentation (above) required for a nomination for the Medal of Merit and/or the Governor General’s Gold Medal is provided to the respective Graduate Program office by the respective deadline.  

Program Internal Deadline Submit to:
Master of Arts April 7, 2021 noon
Master of Fine Arts TBD
Master of Music TBD
Master of Nursing TBD
Master of Science April 7, 2021 noon
Doctor of Philosophy April 7, 2021 noon
Master of Science (Management) TBD
Master of Education TBD
Master of Counselling TBD