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Celebrating the next steps in your career and academic journey, the School of Graduate Studies supports our peer mentors as an enhancement to your journey.

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Peer Mentorship to Me:

Getting the opportunity to support SGS in establishing a Peer Mentorship Program is one of my most valued experiences at ULethbridge. I believe that peer mentorship can make all the difference in a graduate student’s life, especially at the beginning of a program but also at later stages. It is my believe that the SGS Peer Mentorship Program will help students ease into their new environments overcoming challenges that arise in grad school or as international student. I believe the program will greatly enhance the graduate experience at ULethbridge and I am excited to be part of the process of building a supportive, long-lasting graduate student community. 

Summary of Research:

I am a PhD Candidate innovating in areas of remote sensing and aboveground carbon pools in boreal ecosystems vulnerable to permafrost thaw and wildland fire. With my research I aim to improve our understanding of climate change impacts in the rapidly changing Taiga of western Canada - an essential biome for carbon storage. Yet the future trajectories of ecosystems in this region are uncertain. By mapping plants through space and time across the complete southern Taiga using field data and airborne light detection and ranging (lidar), I spatially quantify plant growth and mortality over the past decade with higher accuracies than ever before. This can then be related to changes in carbon stored in plant material.

My research results are essential for an improved understanding of irreversible climate change impacts in the boreal north, which could change the role of forests and peatlands from being a carbon sink (climate mitigator) to a carbon source. The results are important for northern communities and are globally relevant for example to inform carbon emission targets.

My research is inspired by the beauty and remoteness of unmanaged northern landscapes, which have always been fascinating to me. It inspires me to be part of the scientific community that improves understanding and awareness of these changing landscapes and their local to global impacts.

ULethbridge & City of Lethbridge Summary:

I am grateful for pursuing my PhD degree at Ulethbridge because here I got the opportunity to learn from and work together with the globally leading scientists in my field, such as my supervisors and my PhD committee. This has led me to do cutting-edge research while also managing two field campaigns measuring more than 100 ecosystems across the remote Northwest Territories. This was done while also coordinating coincident airborne lidar data collections, which included the largest area surveyed by lidar coincident with field data in Canada. The gained experiences have enhanced my PhD education and equipped me with the extensive knowledge and boots on the ground experience for my future. My supervisors and lab mates at ULethbridge have also been an incredible source of inspiration to me. May it be by helping each other with field work, preparing for conference presentations, or giving feedback on research aspects and communication; being part of a supportive lab community has turned this demanding time into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me that I will always cherish.    

Peer Mentorship to Me:

Peer mentorship means forging history! Within the SGS Peer Mentorship program we collaboratively explore ways to better assist fellow graduate students in both academic and personal success, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping ULethbridge and creating a brighter future. Working with this exceptional team, I feel fortunate to learn as a mentee, experiencing the reciprocal nature of mentor-mentee relationships. It's an egalitarian bond, a pure sharing of hard-earned experiences to aid newcomers in their learning journey. In this process, mentors rediscover their own early struggles, reigniting their initial passion and prompting reflection for mutual growth—an enriching, reciprocal dynamic.  Having started as an international student at ULethbridge, I understand the difficulties and want to provide the guidance I wished for during my own initial struggles. As a SGS Graduate Peer Mentor, I bring valuable insights for mentees seeking different resources from my background in Business Analytics, proficient coding skills in Python and R, and a thorough understanding of Ulethbridge resources. I prioritize work-life balance and introducing mentees to free school events. My primary goal is to empower mentees by fostering confidence and creating a supportive environment in which asking for help is encouraged.

Summary of Research:

My research focuses on evaluating the misconduct policies of Canadian Higher Education Institutions in response to the emerging technology, GenAI. Utilizing the framework of shareholder theory, I aim to investigate the distinct responsibilities of schools, instructors, and students in addressing AI-related misconduct. By examining the policies and practices in place, I seek to identify gaps, strengths, and potential areas for improvement within the current framework. The integration of shareholder theory enables a nuanced understanding of the various stakeholders involved, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that considers the interests and responsibilities of schools, instructors, and students alike. Ultimately, my research aims to contribute valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on AI ethics in higher education, providing recommendations for refining and strengthening policies to ensure responsible and ethical use of GenAI within the academic context. Witnessing the transformative power of data-driven insights and the potential of AI applications across various domains has fueled my passion for understanding and harnessing these technologies responsibly. The dynamic nature of the field, coupled with its potential to drive innovation and positive change, motivates me to delve deeper into understanding AI's implications, especially within the educational realm to address complex challenges in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

ULethbridge & City of Lethbridge Summary:

I chose to pursue my graduate studies at ULethbridge for a combination of factors that align with my academic and personal interests. ULethbridge's reputation for excellence in research and teaching solidified my decision. The Dhillon School of Business offers an excellent Master's program in strategic management, providing a comprehensive foundation for my academic goals. Receiving the ULethbridge Graduate Research Award and the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship Award had a significant impact on my education, motivation, and commitment to making meaningful contributions to my field.  On my ULethbridge journey, my supervisors and the brilliant teaching team have been a source of inspiration and shaping my academic and personal growth. In my role as a research/teaching assistant at ULethbridge, I am immersed in a dynamic learning environment that fosters both academic and professional growth. Moreover, as a member of the SGS Peer Mentorship Program, I support the establishment of a long-lasting graduate community. These shared moments of collaboration and enthusiasm within the SGS Peer Mentorship team epitomize the vibrant and inclusive spirit of ULethbridge. Finally, beyond academics, Lethbridge's abundance of sunshine adds a cheerful touch to my daily life. The city's vibrant community and the rich resources at ULethbridge for learning and research create an ideal setting for my studies.

Peer Mentorship to Me:

Peer mentorship, for me, embodies a multifaceted role where I serve as a friend, coach, and guide to fellow graduates. It is a dynamic relationship that extends beyond shared experiences, providing invaluable support and inspiration. Acting as a mirror for self-reflection, peer mentorship allows graduates to delve into their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. The shared journey not only boosts motivation in the face of challenges but also establishes an environment of mutual accountability. In this symbiotic exchange, mentor and mentee transform obstacles into opportunities, fostering a sense of community and a commitment to collective success in both academic and personal pursuits. I believe that with the right guidance and support, everyone can achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Connect with me as a SGS peer mentor for a trustworthy and enriching experience. My guidance extends beyond academia, fostering a genuine, holistic mentor-mentee relationship. As a trustworthy confidant, I provide a listening ear for your feelings, creating an environment where you can openly share concerns. With a commitment to both practical advice and emotional support, I aim to inspire confidence, navigate challenges, and collaboratively foster growth in academic and personal development.

Summary of Research:

My primary research objective centers around the development of industrial cannabis cultivars, emphasizing an enhanced CBD-to-THC ratio. To achieve this, my focus involves evaluating the activity of various CBDAS gene variants. The aim is to discern which specific CBDAS variant exhibits heightened efficacy in producing increased levels of CBD while concurrently minimizing or eliminating THC production. This investigation is pivotal in advancing the development of industrial cannabis plants tailored for heightened CBD content and negligible THC presence.

My research is inspired by the potential to contribute to developing industrial cannabis cultivars with optimized characteristics. The prospect of enhancing the CBD-to-THC ratio in these plants fuels my passion for exploring the intricate mechanisms of CBDAS gene variants. The challenge of identifying specific genetic factors that can elevate CBD production while minimizing THC aligns with my commitment to advancing both the scientific understanding of cannabis genetics and its practical applications. Ultimately, the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the field and address real-world needs motivates and guides my research endeavors.

ULethbridge & City of Lethbridge Summary:

I have chosen to embark on my PhD journey in biomolecular science at ULethbridge, drawn by the program's outstanding reputation and the expertise of its faculty. The University's commitment to cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art facilities, and a collaborative academic environment perfectly aligns with my academic and career aspirations. At ULethbridge I was awarded both the ULethbridge Entrance Scholarship and the Coca-Cola PhD Admission Scholarship during my academic journey and I have had the privilege of encountering diverse individuals who have significantly influenced and enriched my academic and personal experiences. Foremost among them is my supervisor, whose guidance, expertise, and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping my research endeavors and fostering my growth as a scholar. In essence, the people I have met at ULethbridge have collectively shaped my academic, cultural, and interpersonal understanding beyond the academic realm. My experiential and work-integrated learning opportunities at ULetbridge allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, deepening my understanding and practical skills crucial for a career in the field. In addition, I have seized numerous opportunities to attend conferences, which have broadened my understanding and deepened my knowledge base. Being part of the SGS Peer Mentorship Program will be another enriching experience at ULethbridge.

Peer Mentorship to Me:

Graduate peer mentorship epitomizes a symbiotic learning and supportive environment for graduate students. In this construct, seasoned students adeptly navigate their peers through academic, professional, and personal terrains. They engender a nurturing milieu that is conducive to holistic growth, the dissemination of knowledge, and the realization of collective success. In my perspective, mentoring serves not only as a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor but also as an avenue for contributing to the community. It fosters a nurturing, supportive, collaborative, and educational environment. In my capacity as a mentor, my objective is to inspire and motivate mentees in their journey navigating challenges and realizing their utmost potential. In addition, I empower and support mentees in their academic and professional aspirations. My expansive database compensates by enabling the dispensation of advice across a diverse array of topics, expeditious responses to inquiries, and bolstering research endeavors.

Summary of Research:

The migration rate of Nigerians into Canada has been on a high volume in recent years. My research concentration is to investigate the musical and cultural practices of Nigerian Migrants living on the traditional Blackfoot territories and how this has shaped the Nigerian Migrant community in Lethbridge. I am interested in how these practices reflect the Nigerian Migrants' identity, history, and values, as well as how they have adapted and changed over time in response to the new environment and interactions with the local population. Lethbridge is a city where many Nigerian Migrants have settled and formed a vibrant community. I am examining how their musical and cultural practices have shaped their sense of belonging and social cohesion, as well as how they have contributed to the diversity and richness of the city's culture. My research is inspired by my passion for ethnomusicology and music education. I am fascinated by the indigenous (Yoruba) music that I grew up with and how it co-existed with other musical cultures. I also researched the music of the Yewa culture, focusing on the Kulumbu songs of the Yewa people, documenting and analyzing their music in depth.

ULethbridge & City of Lethbridge Summary:

Choosing a university is a crucial decision that requires careful research and comparison. Among all the options, ULethbridge stood out for me due to its vibrant and diverse campus life, with more than 50 clubs and organizations that cater to different interests and passions. As an international student, I was also drawn to ULethbridge by its supportive and inclusive environment. It offers various services and resources to help international students adjust to the new culture and academic system, such as orientation, mentoring, counseling, and language support. It also celebrates the diversity of its student body by hosting cultural events and activities throughout the year. Another factor that attracted me to ULethbridge was its commitment to excellence in teaching and research. Choosing the ULethbridge's Faculty of Fine Arts, Music Department was one of the best decisions I ever made, as it opened a world of opportunities and experiences for me. I was fortunate to encounter many wonderful and kind people who welcomed me into the Ulethbridge community. Especially my supervisor has supported and guided me throughout my academic journey and has made a positive and lasting impact on my life.  As a research assistant at ULethbridge, I have also gained valuable work experience in conducting academic research, the Indigenous people and the Metis community in Canada. Various training programs offered at ULethbridge have been very beneficial for my studies improving my knowledge, skills, and confidence and exposing me to different perspectives and approaches. I am excited to be part of this meaningful and fulfilling experience at ULethbridge.

Peer Mentorship to Me:

Peer mentorship is not just about academic advice; it's about creating a fun, supportive space where we can all feel a bit more at ease amidst the grad school grind. As an international student who's had to figure out a lot of things on my own, this role lets me share specific strategies, like setting SMART goals and using available resources for skill development. It's a chance to genuinley connect with other students, sharing experiences, building a community and growing together. I see this as an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to my peers' journeys while also enriching my own skill set for life after graduation. It's a two-way street of learning, guidance, and mutual support. If you're a graduate student looking for a mentor who's in your shoes, I'm here for you. I’m still navigating the ups and downs of graduate life as an international student, so I get the challenges you might face. For me, it's supportive and uplifting dialogues – from figuring out complex coursework to adjusting to a new place. I'm all about setting practical goals and finding what works best for you. Let's share this journey, learn from each other, and make your grad school experience a bit smoother.

Summary of Research:

Imagine landing in a new country like me, armed with dreams and a suitcase, ready to start a journey in higher education. It's an adventure, but it's also a huge leap into the unknown. My research dives into how universities and colleges can effectively support students like us – who are far from home and juggling the challenges of adapting to a new culture while striving to excel academically. I'm looking at the counseling services, mental health support, and the resources provided by these institutions. My work aims to create a roadmap for more culturally sensitive counseling practices and mental health resources. This means developing support systems that truly understand and cater to the diversity of languages, beliefs, and experiences that international students bring to the campus. It's about ensuring that when a student from any corner of the world steps into a counselor's office, they feel heard, understood, and supported in a way that resonates with their cultural identity and personal journey. In essence, my research is about building bridges between different cultures, between students and counselors, and between academic success and personal well-being.  My research is driven by stories of resilience and ambition, and the belief that with the right support, international students can not only succeed but also contribute significantly to the educational community.

ULethbridge & City of Lethbridge Summary:

Choosing to pursue a PhD in Population Studies in Health at ULethbridge was a decision deeply rooted in my personal and professional journey. The PhD program at ULethbridge stood out to me for its interdisciplinary approach, combining the strengths of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Arts and Science. On my journey at ULethbridge, I received the ULethbridge Graduate Research Award and I've had the fortune of meeting many wonderful people, including my supervisor. Her commitment to enhancing the experience of international students goes beyond academic theory. I believe the lessons learned from her will continue to inspire and guide me long after my time at ULethbridge. My educational journey at ULethbridge has also been enriched by the hands-on learning experiences gained as a research assistant in the Gender Migration and Mental Health Lab, and as a recently appointed Mentor in the SGS Peer Mentorship program. Overall, my time at ULethbridge has taught me the value of support and guidance, which I hope to extend to others as I move forward in my career. As I look to the future, my aspirations are deeply influenced by my experiences and education at ULethbridge.