Congratulations, and welcome to ULethbridge Grad Studies!

Celebrating the next steps in your career and academic journey, the School of Graduate Studies supports our peer mentors as an enhancement to your journey.


Starting your graduate studies can be exciting and overwhelming, the journey will look different than undergrad with many different milestones and deadlines that vary across disciplines, departments and programs. 
The School of Graduate Studies has created the Graduate Peer Mentor Program to provide you with a connection to institution, a guide through the polices and resources and someone to connect with if you are not sure where to start. Oh and of course to provide you with tips and tricks to navigate graduate school, including the fun, and finding the balance. 
Whether you are receiving regular outreach from a mentor or just have a question, all graduate students are mentees. Please reach out to a mentor if we can support your journey.

How do I connect with a Mentor?

Step 1: Are you new to the School of Graduate Studies?

Yes, you are already in.

If you are a continuing student, sign up to request contact from a Peer Mentor.

Step 2: Watch your ULeth inbox!

In the weeks leading up to your first grad studies term or 3 - 5 business days, after you fill out the form, you'll receive an email introduction from your Mentor. 

Step 3: Give Us Your Feedback 

At the end of every term we want to hear from you, we will send you a short survey and ask if you would like to continue receiving outreach from your mentor. You can opt-out and back into the program at any time. All graduate students are mentees. 

Have other questions? Email us: 

What does a Graduate Peer Mentor do?


Your Mentor is here to help you create a foundation for success throughout your program and career by:


- Welcoming you to the School of Graduate Studies and ensuring you have the student perspective as you transition into graduate school


- Answering questions and providing guidance to appropriate resources and supports to ensure 


- Connecting you to opportunities, networks and resources to enhance your holistic journey, and transition to the next stage of your journey

Meet Your Graduate Peer Mentors

Alison Liu

Name: Alison Liu
Pronouns: She/Her
Program: Master of Science in Management, Policy and Strategy

Preferred social platforms & handles:


Salma Shujat

Name: Salma Shujat

Pronouns: she/her

Program: (Ph.D. in biomolecular sciences)

Seun Soneye

Name: Oluwaseun Soneye
Pronouns: He/Him
Program: Master’s in Music (Ethnomusicology)

Preferred social platforms & handles:


Name: Supriya
Pronouns: she/her
Program: PhD Population Studies in Health (Diversity, Disparities, Inequalities and Social Determinants of Health)

Preferred social platforms & handles:

Meet The Mentor Program Support