Semester at Sea Scholarship

Take your education outside the classroom - Semester at Sea


Semester at Sea is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore up to 15 countries in a single semester. Over the course of 100-110 days, you’ll learn from leading faculty and international experts, engage in hands-on field experiences and service projects in every destination, and earn academic credit.

As a Semester at Sea student, you will:

  • Develop a keen awareness and understanding of the complexity and interdependence of world systems
  • Hone the key skills necessary to compete in today’s rapidly globalizing world
  • Apply your knowledge first-hand in a variety of international settings
  • Gain a deeper understanding of and critical perspective on your own culture as you learn about others
  • Improve your leadership and communication skills
  • Discover new career possibilities
  • Join a global network of more than 55,000 Semester at Sea alumni

Visit the Semester at Sea website

Program Brochure


The Brawn Family Foundation has made a generous gift to create an endowment at the University of Lethbridge which will provide one scholarship per year for a University of Lethbridge student to participate in the Semester at Sea program.  Each scholarship has a minimun value of $24,000 (CAD). 


Eligible participants must be at least second year undergraduate students and must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

To take part in the Semester at Sea program, applicants must have successfully completed 10 courses with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Requirements to be considered for the Scholarship

  1. Meet with academic advisor to discuss feasibility of going to Semester at Sea in regards to successful completion of academic program and pick up VSA (Visiting Student Authorization) form.
  2. Download Disciplinary Clearance form from Semester at Sea website, fill it out (include Student id number) and bring it to the Registrar's office
  3. Pick up Disciplinary Clearance form upon completion
  4. Apply to Semester at Sea online at:
  5. Follow up with Semester at Sea to ensure application is complete
  6. Receive confirmation of admission from Semester at Sea
  7. Submit scholarship application via Bridge.

How to apply for the scholarship

The application can be submitted via the Bridge under the “Student” tab by clicking “Apply for ULethbridge Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries”.  The applications will be available starting January 9, 2024.  

Be sure to do the following:

  • Submit to both the general and undergraduate applications and any additional opportunities that are presented to you.
  • Select YES when asked if you are participating in Semester at Sea on the undergraduate application. If you select NO, you will not be able to apply to the Semester at Sea Scholarship.


March 31, 2024

Requirement upon return

Each recipient must provide a written letter of gratitude and a synopsis of how the experience impacted them.