No.  Rooms are based on availability, and all students must apply directly through Housing Services.

It is not possible to apply for the fall term only.

On-campus housing contracts are 8 months (September to April) or 4 months (January to April). 

There is no application deadline, but on-campus housing is in high demand. If you wish to live on-campus in student housing, it is important that you submit your Application for Admission early.  Apply for on-campus housing once you receive your letter of acceptance.

The Housing Office will provide the move-in date once you have received a room.

Units are furnished with furniture (sofa, kitchen table, bed and desk). Kitchenware (plates, cutlery, cups, pots and pans) are not included.

Bedding (pillow, bedsheets, and blanket) will be provided for exchange students.  

Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance, apply at Housing.


Housing will contact you using your uLethbridge email.  It is important for you to check your uLethbridge email to receive important information from the Housing Office.  You will be give a time period in which to sign contracts and send in the deposit to reserve your room.  If you fail to complete the contract and payment by the deadline, you will lose your room.

Average rent is $600 per month for a room in a shared furnished home.

Yes, each student will have their own private bedroom.  The common areas such as kitchen, living room, bathroom and laundry will be shared by everyone in the home.

Yes, the Education Abroad Coordinator – Incoming will find suitable accommodation with other exchange students and/or other University of Lethbridge students.

The Education Abroad Coordinator will send information in mid-November.  Security deposits will be required to reserve the room.

No.  Homestays are arranged by Canada Homestay Network (CHN), but the International Office works closely with CHN.

Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance, you can apply.

Apply at Canada Homestay Network

No.  The International Office will work with CHN, and exchange students do not have to pay the deposit.

After you have been nominated by your university, submit your

Accommodation Preference