Prospective Agents

The University of Lethbridge works with authorized agents with a strong reputation in select markets; we are also open to recruitment opportunities around the world. We offer a competitive flat-rate, performance based commission model for our authorized agents. 

Please email with a complete business profile, introduction letter and projected outcome of a partnership. Upon further review we will follow up with more information. 

*Due to our high volume of emails, please only send one introduction email.

From all agents, we consider the following criteria:

  1. Over one year of experience working in the Canadian post-secondary market
  2. Minimum of three references from public universities within Canada
  3. Represent one of our recruitment markets
  4. ICCRC designation required if consulting on immigration 
  5. Complete business profile including current licence, website, promotional materials and list of fees and services
  6. Expectation of a minimum amount of enrolled students per year 

*If you are a new agency with under one year of experience, we understand that you need somewhere to begin. We will consider a formal agreement once we have received an enrolled student and that you meet our additional requirements.