Exchange Application Guide

Applying for an Exchange

An academic advisor will help you see if an exchange will fit in your program by checking what room you have for electives.

The following documents are required for completing the application:

  1.  Obtain an official transcript from the registrar's office.
  2.  Write a 250-word letter of intent describing why you want to participate in this exchange, and how it will assist you in achieving your academic and personal goals.
  3.  Pay the $140 application fee at the cash office and keep your receipt for the online application. 

Apply Now

  1. Log into your MyExperience account
  2. Select "Campus Programs"
  3. Enroll in your selected exchange semester
After Being Accepted on an Exchange

We will arrange a meeting with you once your application has been processed. You will fill out the exchange student agreement with UofL.

The UofL Scholarships Office has many bursaries and scholarships available for students. Be sure to research these opportunities before you depart.

The newest is the Global Skills Opportunity Award. Make sure to check eligibility requirements - and if you are eligible - apply on the Bridge!

Complete your Pre-Departure International Travel Risk Management Orientation via Moodle. This is mandatory for all University of Lethbridge students traveling abroad in conjunction to University sponsorship - activities funded by UofL or involve academic work for credit.

The pre-departure orientation covers UofL policy and procedures in relation to international travel and provides resources on how you can protect your health, safety and security abroad. Although the orientation is designed for students on exchange, practicum, and co-op opportunities, it is an orientation open to all University travelers.

It is recommended that country specific reports pertaining to your travel be reviewed at the Government of Canada travel abroad pages:

Complete the Liability Waiver form (legal size paper only) and submit it to Risk & Safety Services (L911).

Any questions regarding the waiver can be directed to Toby Clark (403-329-2099;

 Then register on the Student Safety Abroad Registry.

Before your Departure

Ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months after your expected return date to Canada. If not, apply to renew your passport. Be sure to apply early.

Doctor’s check-up and/or immunizations (if necessary).

  • In Lethbridge, travel health consultation and immunizations are done at the Health Unit/Community Health Site (located at 801 1 Ave. S. in Lethbridge, tel. 388-6666).
  • For locations across Canada visit travel clinics.

Attain an acceptance letter from the U of L (you will be notified immediately upon receipt of this letter by our office).

Attain an acceptance letter from the Host University, (you will be notified immediately upon receipt of this letter by our office).

Purchase your plane ticket.

Complete and send your Student visa application – to the appropriate Consulate or Embassy (when necessary)

  • Contact the Consulate for details about application process prior to sending, to ensure no changes have occurred.
  • Letters of acceptance from both the UofL and the host university are necessary components for all study visa applications.
  • Decide whether or not you would need a Power of Attorney Form (optional & provided below)
  • Print and complete this form if you need to designate and authorize another person to act on your behalf (ie. in regards to Alberta Student Loans etc.) while you are on exchange.

    Power of Attorney Form

Purchase travel health insurance (mandatory)

  • The UofL SU Health & Dental Plan is one option to consider as it includes international coverage. To sign up for coverage during an exchange semester, you must contact the Health & Dental Plan Administrator, Shelley Tuff (Email:; Tel: 329-2039). During an exchange semester, this insurance is NOT automatically added to your tuition, as during a regular semester (unless you have already pre-paid for a full academic year). The SU office will need a copy of your completed Exchange Agreement form.
  • Other travel health insurance can be purchased through travel agencies and banks.

Notify your provincial health care provider if you will be out of Canada for six months or more. Do not cancel your coverage.

  • Alberta Health Care - Tel: 310-0000, then dial 780-427-1432
  • Visit the website at and print off a brochure entitled "Travel Insurance Matters" which outlines all the issues re: traveling outside of Alberta.
  • After notifying AHC, they will send you a document confirming that your AHC coverage has been adjusted for an international trip of more than six months. If you are using the SU plan for international coverage, you will need to give a copy of that document to the UofL Students’ Union Health & Dental plan coordinator.

You are responsible to pay the UofL tuition for your exchange semester. Check the amount on the Bridge and pay prior to departure unless you expect Student Loans to arrive directly onto your account.

Plan your courses for the return semester at the U of L  OR Complete an application for graduation.

Outgoing fall exchange students must plan their courses for the return semester at the UofL with their Academic Advisor.

Complete an application for graduation (if exchange semester will be your last).

  • Application forms are available at the Registrar’s Office.
  • Note: Spring exchange students will take part in October convocation.

Send your travel itinerary to the U of L and the Host University who will arrange for pick-up if available/ necessary.

Leave a photocopy of all your important documents with a family member (passport, credit/debit cards, traveller's cheques, insurance policies, airline itinerary, etc.)

The following documents must be submitted to the International Centre prior to departure for exchange:

  • Copy of your travel itinerary
  • Proof of travel health insurance (not your entire policy, just a document confirming you have coverage).
  • Copy of your student visa or resident permit (where necessary).
  • Your contact information while on exchange (housing address and phone number in exchange city, if available).


Bring the following documents with you on your exchange:

  • Copy of your program planning guide, as discussed with an Academic Advisor.
  • Copy of Student Exchange Agreement.
  • Passport
  • Study visa (where necessary).
  • Travel health insurance coverage and contact information.
  • Acceptance letters from both the UofL and your exchange Host University.
  • All documents necessary to apply for residence permit (where required).
After Your Arrival and During Your Exchange

Check in with the host university’s International Office.

Complete course registration as early as possible.

Email your exchange course selection to your academic advisor to confirm that chosen courses will meet your UofL program requirements and transfer appropriately.

Your email should include: the course name, number of credits assigned from host institution (for partners in Europe this should be ECTS credits) or contact hours (if not assigned credit), and the language of instruction for each course.

Register for courses for return semester to UofL (if necessary).

Outgoing Spring exchange students wishing to register for summer session courses at the U of L may experience problems registering for summer courses through the BRIDGE, or phone system. If so, call the Helpline, or the Records department of the Registrar’s office (329-2230) for assistance in registering for summer courses.

Be sure to enjoy your experience and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities you will have while on exchange.

After your Return

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Once your exchange transcript is received by our office you will be notified immediately and a copy made available to you. Review the transcript for accuracy.

Please login to your Bridge account and review your transfer credit statement upon receiving notification from Admissions about transfer credit being processed. This process may take as much as several months after your exchange transcript arrives.