Application Process

Process for exchange students applying from one of uLethbridge's partner institutions

Step 1: Apply to go on exchange through your home institution

Step 2: Home institution nominates student to the University of Lethbridge

Step 3: Complete the

  1. Accommodation Preference
  2. Friendship Program forms

  * For Graduate students, contact for graduate application procedures.

Step 4: Receive acceptance letter from the University of Lethbridge

Nomination Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester (Sep-Dec):  April 1
  • Spring Semeter (Jan-April):  September 1

Application Deadlines:

  • Summer EAP:  March 1
  • Fall Semester (Sep-Dec):  April 15
  • Spring Semester (Jan-April):  September 10
If you have been nominated by your university, apply now.

Application for Admission    Accommodation Preference     Friendship Program