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Location: University of Ulsan in Ulsan, South Korea

Interdisciplinary Studies 2601

This course features an excursion to Ulsan on the south-easstern coast of South Korea.  The course includes a one day orientation at the University of Lethbridge prior to departure.  In Ulsan, the daily program includes lectures and language training with numerous social and cultureal significance.  Enriching opportunities to meet other students from varied international backgrounds in a modern university residence complex, an overnight homestay in the Ulsan area, and an excursion to Seoul are signifant compnents of the exchange and the course.

This course counts as Social Science GLER.


Approximately $3200 (includes tuition, airfare from Calgary to Ulsan return, accommodation, and most activities).  Students are responsible for meal costs.

Note that this cost is estimated for Canadian Students and Permanent Residents.  International students will be subject to international tuition rates.

Cost is subject to change, but this is a fair estimate for budgeting purposes.


  • Full-time U of L student
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Must have at least Second year standing by Summer Session I, 2020

DEADLINE:  February 1, 2020


Go online to apply 

For more information about the University of Ulsan International Program, please visit the UIP Website.

Course Syllabus: Ulsan International Program Syllabus.pdf



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