Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program

Purpose is to create new partnerships, strengthen existing partnerships and promote student exchange in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Focus should not be on the faculty members' goal, but rather it should fit the institution's internationalization plan.

No, selection committee is looking for the wholeness of the project.

There is no language requirement as long as they are able to communicate.

If the Canadian faculty member is visiting a new institution for the first time, the visit is considered eligible, and a MOU does not have to be signed.

Projects must be completed from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.  Global Affairs stipulates that travel must take place during this time period.

Accounts must be from the International office.  Faculty members cannot create an account.

International office, department chair or a person of authority must sign the invitation letter.  Letters cannot be signed by faculty members.

No.  If there is already a MOU, then the purpose of the visit would be strengthen the current MOU.

Option1:  Choose one faculty member to be the lead who applies to receive the $7,000.  In the project description, indicate that they will be accompanied by other faculty members.

Option 2: If two faculty members are working together, each person can submit an application, but the application must be different.  They cannot copy and paste the same information.

At the time of application, you may apply.  If the travel alerts are still in place at the time of travel, travel should not take place.