Changing Your Program (Undergraduate)

Thinking about changing your undergraduate program? Don’t worry — we can help. Many students will change their program of study at different points during their academic careers.

If you are a newly admitted or continuing undergraduate student, you may change your program of study by filling out the appropriate form. Students are strongly advised to speak with an academic advisor prior to making changes to their program of study.

Please see below for instructions on which form to use:

  • Continuing within your program (e.g. Bachelor of Arts) but changing area of study (if applicable), major (e.g. Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics), or dropping part of your combined degree (e.g. changing from a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Management to only a Bachelor of Arts OR Bachelor of Management program), see Forms.
  • Graduating and applying to a second undergraduate degree, or currently enrolled in Open Studies or EAP and applying to an undergraduate program, complete the online Undergraduate Application.
  • Applying to a graduate program, complete the online Graduate Application.
  • Changing a minor, concentration, specialization or general major disciplinary stream, see Forms.
  • To change your Year of the Calendar, you must apply to your Faculty or School Academic Advising or Student Program Services office.

Note: Application deadlines and admission requirements vary by program, campus and term. Detailed information and admission requirements are available online at Undergraduate Application and Document Deadlines.


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