Graduate with two majors!
Students interested in a second major should begin their studies in a single major and apply for the second major at a later date

Double Major Requirements

Double majors can only be formed by successfully completing all requirements for both established single disciplinary majors. Course sequencing and timetables are not guaranteed to accommodate a double major combination within eight consecutive regular terms of study. Students choosing to complete two majors may need to complete more than the minimum courses for the degree depending on the choice of majors.

See the Academic Calendar for requirements and regulations for declaring a double major within your program*.

Faculty of Arts and Science Faculty of Fine Arts Dhillon School of Business

*Individual Multidisciplinary majors and General majors (including General Management) are ineligible for double major designation.

Interested in pursuing a double major?

Interested students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor regarding a double major as early as possible in their academic programs.

Academic Advising

Ready to declare a second major?

For Arts & Science, Dhillon School of Business, or Fine Arts students, you can complete the Request to Add a Second Major form* by logging onto the Bridge.

the Bridge (login required)

*If you are unable to complete the form through the Bridge, complete the PDF fillable form here, and email to

Students who have completed the requirements for two majors at the time of graduation without having previously declared a second major may still apply to convocate with both majors.

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