General Information for Students and Graduates

uLethbridge has partnered with a national online portal called – an online credential wallet that contains official documents and credentials that you have received from your institution. is a secure online service that allows colleges and universities to issue secure digital records online so that you can access your records and share them with third parties (like other post-secondary institutions for admission applications or future employers). This eliminates the hassle of having to produce original paper documents.

Parchments: uLethbridge graduates (as of October 2020 Convocation) will have their official parchments available in a digital wallet in the portal. When your parchment is available, you will receive an email from letting you know your parchment is available on their secure portal. Your email will include a link for you to begin creating your profile on so you can access your parchment and any future documents.

Transcripts: Beginning April 13, 2021, uLethbridge students and alum willl receive official digital transcripts on MyCreds with you request official transcripts through the Bridge or through communication with the Information Centre. Beginning February 23, 2022, the $12 transcript fee will be requested in the MyCreds portal in order to view your transcript. Learn more here

To learn more about how works, please visit their website and explore the FAQs or check out this short introductory video. Also be sure to check out the MyCreds YouTube channel for a series of How-To videos that can help you understand different functions of your credential wallet.

*New* The uLethbridge Grading System is now found here. Official paper and digital transcripts have a link at the top of the page to the Grading Systems page.


Authentic Documents you can Trust

Not only will students and graduates be able to access a digital copy of their parchment(s) and/or official transcripts on, but you can be assured that your digital documents are secure and verified. 

Once you log into, you are able to share a link with other post-secondary institutions, employers, or whomever you choose to view your official document. The people you share your documents with via are called Share Recipients. Your share recipients will be able to click on the link you share with them and view your verified document.

MyCreds uses a number of security features to ensure your document’s verification and integrity. 

When viewed in the PDF format, your document has a number of security features described below. These security features do not apply to a printed copy. Under no circumstance should a printed copy be relied upon as it could be subject to tampering. This document is shared as a single-use transaction between the learner and the share recipient and downloads are for record-keeping purposes only. Forwarding or reproducing this document will render the parchment not valid.

When viewed in the Adobe PDF format, the digital signature of the document should be interpreted as follows:

The blue-ribbon symbol signifies that the contents of the document have not been altered after it was downloaded.  It does not signify its currency (it may have been revoked or replaced by the University with a more up-to-date document). If the document does not display a valid certification and signature message, reject this document immediately.

This symbol with a red cross signifies that the issued document is invalid. An invalid digital certificate display means either the digital signature is not authentic, or the document has been altered. A document with an invalid digital signature display should be rejected.

This symbol signifies that the Author is Unknown. Author Unknown can have two possible meanings: The parchment is a self-signed document or has been issued by an unknown or untrusted parchment authority and therefore has not been trusted. If you receive this message, make sure you are properly connected to the internet. If you have a connection and you still cannot validate the digital signature on-line, reject this document.

This symbol indicates that Adobe needs to validate the signatures. You will need to follow the instructions to validate the signature. Should the signature validate successfully, you will be presented with the blue-ribbon symbol above. If it cannot validate the signature, the red cross will be presented.

Share recipients can learn more about security and legal validity and verifying documents by visiting the Share Recipients FAQs.