Credit Hours

To determine how many credit hours you intend to take in the upcoming term consider the following points:

  • You may initially register in up to 15.0 credit hours (five 3.0 -credit courses) until the first day of classes. After that, you may be eligible to register in up to 18.0 credit hours (six 3.0 credit courses). Students on academic probation or in practicum terms are not able to take more than 15.0 credit hours within four courses.
  • Five courses (15.0 credit hours) per term is the regular load carried during the two main terms in order to complete a 40-course degree in four years. Keep in mind the 15.0 credit hours does not equal 15 hours; you must also consider any labs and tutorials that go with a class.
  • During the summer session, each faculty and school determines the maximum number of courses in which you may register. Please contact your academic advisor. Refer to the registration limits in Registration in the Academic Calendar.
  • To be considered a full-time student, you must register in a minimum of 9.0 credit hours (three 3.0 credit courses) during each of the two main terms.
  • For certain scholarships and consideration for graduate or professional school, you may be required to carry 15.0 credit hours during each of the two main terms.


TIP- If you need to commit a significant amount of time to activities outside of the classroom, you may want to consider limiting the number of credit hours you take per term. For every hour you spend in the classroom, expect three hours of homework. Taking less than 15.0 credit hours in a term may extend the time required to complete your program.


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