Determine Courses

Determining the courses you would like to take in upcoming terms is important as it may affect how long it will take you to graduate. Here are a few helpful ideas to get you on the right track. If you are uncertain which courses to take, it is recommended you work with a Faculty academic advisor to help you choose the courses you should take in the upcoming term.

Explore Course Descriptions

You may want to learn more about specific courses that you may want to take. The Course Descriptions website lists courses that may be offered during your degree. Each course has a brief description that will help you understand your required courses and for Undergraduate students, will help you choose Lib Ed Requirement and elective courses. Always read the notes for each course. In addition to the course designation, and whether the course has a required lab or tutorial, you may also find prerequisites, corequisites and recommended background courses.

NOTE: Be sure to take note of prerequisites needed for each course. If you register for a course that has a prerequisite you don’t have, you will be removed from that course without notice. If you are unsure whether you have the appropriate prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s) for courses in which you are registered, contact an academic advisor. In unique circumstances, students lacking the prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s) for a course may apply for a pre-requisite waiver from their faculty office.

Fill Out / Update Your PPG (Undergraduate)

Document which courses you have completed thus far (if any) on your Program Planning Guide including transfer any credits. If you are unsure of the courses you have completed or of your transfer credits, you can access a working copy of your transcript on the Bridge. In order to stay on track with your degree be sure to prioritize your course selections in the following order:

  1. Required courses
  2. Lib Ed Requirement courses
  3. Electives

Using your updated PPG and the Sample Sequence Plan on the last page of the PPG, determine the required courses, Lib Ed Requirement courses and electives you intend to complete in the upcoming term.



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