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Use this tool to help estimate your current GPA. You can also see your cumulative GPA on your unofficial academic transcript on the Bridge.

Note: The GPA estimator is intended as an information tool only. It is used most effectively in consultation with an advisor. Please consult your working academic transcript on the Bridge for your cumulative GPA and total credit hours.

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Frequently asked questions

Please consult the example and the defined terminology below to better understand GPA calculations.


  Grade Grade Points Course Weight Total Grade Points
Sociology 1000 A = 4 x 3.00 = 12.00
English 1900 B = 3 x 3.00 = 9.00
Mathematics 1560 C = 2 x 3.00 = 6.00
Physical Activity 2130 A = 4 x 1.50 = 6.00
Physics 1000 D = 1 x 3.00 = 3.00
      13.50 36.00

The total grade points divided by the sum of course weights = GPA.

36.00 = 2.67 GPA

Grade – The grade is the final letter grade assigned in a course (A+, A, A-…)

Grade Points – Each grade is assigned a number of grade points according to the following scale (effective May 1, 2002):

A+          = 4.00
A             = 4.00
A-           = 3.70
B+           = 3.30
B             = 3.00
B-            = 2.70
C+           = 2.30
C             = 2.00
C-            = 1.70
D+          = 1.30
D             = 1.00
F              = 0.00

Course Weight – The number of credits a course is worth equals the course weight. Most uLethbridge courses are worth 3 credits and thus weighted at 3.00. You can find the weight of a course in the course description section of the Academic Calendar or on your working copy transcript in the column “Wght”.

Total Grade Points – For each course, total grade points are calculated by multiplying the course grade points by the course weight.

Current (Term) GPA – The current GPA is calculated on all graded courses completed in a given semester. Current GPA is sometimes also referred to as the term GPA.

Cumulative GPA – The cumulative GPA is the average of all graded courses completed at uLethbridge at a given level (undergraduate or graduate).

At uLethbridge, if a student repeats a course the grade for each attempt is recorded on the transcript, but students may not have grades and credit hours for more than one attempt calculated in the GPA. For a course repeated prior to April 30, 2016, only the grade and credit hours for the most recent attempt are computed in the GPA. For a course repeated after May 1, 2016, only the grade and credit hours for the most successful attempt (highest grade) are computed in the GPA.

If you plan to include a repeated course in the “Future uLethbridge Courses” field you will need to make an adjustment to the “uLethbridge Cumulative GPA” and the “Total Credit Hours (Course Weight)” which you enter into the GPA estimator.


Some courses at uLethbridge are designated as Pass/Fail. For such courses, students are awarded either the designation ‘P’ or the grade ‘F’.

The designation ‘P’ indicates satisfactory completion of the objectives of a Pass/Fail course. When a student is awarded the designation ‘P’, the course is not included in computation of the grade point average; when the student is awarded ‘F’, the course is included in computation of the GPA.

This calculation is represented in the GPA estimator when you choose a P or an F as your anticipated grade.


A student may elect to designate some courses as Credit/Non-Credit (‘CR’ or ‘NC’). The criteria and limits for doing so are available in the Academic Calendar or through your faculty advising office.

To use the GPA estimator for a credit/non-credit course, choose the appropriate grade from the drop down menu based on the rules below.

If you anticipate receiving:

  • a grade of ‘C’ or higher = choose the actual grade from the drop down menu
  • a grade between ‘C-’ and ‘D’ (inclusive) = choose Credit (CR) from the drop down menu
  • a grade of ‘F’= choose Non-Credit (NC) from the drop down menu

Please note that CR/NC courses are not included in the computation of the grade point average. This is represented in the GPA estimator when you choose Credit or Non-Credit as your anticipated grade.

While transfer credits may be used to meet some of the requirements of a degree program, no transfer course grades are included within the calculations of either your current (term) or cumulative GPA at uLethbridge.

Current (Term) GPA – The current GPA is calculated on all graded courses completed in a given semester at uLethbridge.

Cumulative GPA – The cumulative GPA is the average of all graded courses completed at the uLethbridge at a given level (undergraduate or graduate).

Admission to many programs at uLethbridge and other institutions is based, in part, on your GPA on your last 20 courses. There are many different ways that this GPA can be calculated, so it is important for you to understand the basis upon which your admission GPA (AGPA) will be calculated for the program that you are seeking.

At uLethbridge, this GPA calculation is generally based on the semesters containing the most recent 20 courses that you have (or will have) completed prior to the final official document deadline. For example, if your 20th course falls in a semester with other courses, all courses in that semester will be used in the calculation and your GPA will actually be based on more than 20 courses.

uLethbridge GPA requirements are detailed in the program admission information published in the uLethbridge Calendar: If you are seeking admission to a program at another institution, be sure to carefully review their admission information before estimating your admission GPA. Contact the admission office at the institution offering the program if you have any questions about how your admission GPA will be calculated.

Some useful links for uLethbridge are provided below:

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The GPA estimator tool is not intended for these calculations. For additional information or directions for such calculations please visit your faculty advising office.

Please see a student program advisor at your faculty advising office if you have any concerns or questions about your academic standing.

Please visit a Student Program Advisor for clarification on GPA calculations and other questions you may have about program planning, registration, and academic regulations:

Additional Information is also available in the Academic Calendar.