The Student Enrolment and Registrar Services (SEARS) office books some academic and non-academic spaces on campus. Timetabling instructional space for class meetings and final exams for courses published in the Academic Calendar is priority. All other courses, meetings, and midterm exam are considered ad hoc booking requests. Ad hoc bookings in academic spaces happen after the timetable is released and confirmed after the term starts.

Students may book study space through the self-service portal.

Staff can use the Calendar Search tool on the Portal to view room availability and details for SEARS-allocated space.

Step 1 – Follow these instructions to request your space

  • Are you a member of the University community (e.g. student*, staff) requesting space for University-related purposes (e.g. department meetings, theses defences, mid-term exams, group projects, study sessions)?
    • General classroom and conference space managed by the Student Enrolment & Registrar Services Office
    • Study rooms managed by the Student Enrolment & Registrar Services Office
      • uLethbridge students can book study rooms in Markin Hall, the Library & Information Centre (LINC), and the Science Commons
    • Venues managed by other departments and academic units
      • If the venue is managed by another department or academic unit, please contact them directly. If you’re unsure who manages the space you need, please refer to the contact list or contact the Student Enrolment & Registrar Services Office.
  • Are you a member of the University community requesting space for a non-University–related purpose or a member of the public?

* All ratified Students’ Union clubs will submit their room booking request using the Students' Union event proposal form.


Step 2 – Review these important notes about reserving space

  • All events will adhere to all university policies.
  • Requests are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. You can avoid delays by submitting detailed and accurate event information with your request.
  • Requests will respect the maximum capacity of the venue.
  • Visit the Classroom Support Website to ensure the space is equipped to suit your needs. Otherwise, you may need to make arrangements for equipment such as conference phones with I.T., or podiums and additional chairs with Facilities. Refer to Service Providers for contact information.


Room Booking Contact Information

Phone: 403-329-2727
Office: Student Enrolment and Registrar Services, Students' Union Building, SU140