Registration Restrictions

There are a few important things to note when you start to register. If you have not completed the admission process, you may be restricted from registering for your courses. You may also find that some of the courses you want are excluded from web registration or are waitlisted.

Registration Restrictions

You will not be able to register using the Bridge if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Your admission to uLethbridge has not been finalized.
  • You have not confirmed your offer of admission. Please see the Confirmation of Admission page included in your emailed offer letter.
  • You are attempting to register outside of your assigned registration dates.
  • There are holds on your record.
  • Some courses may have Registration Restrictions that must be met. Some examples are: Degree, Year of Study, Major, etc.

Check your status on the Bridge to confirm any of the above issues.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisite requirements must be met prior to registration. Students without the appropriate prerequisite will be prevented from registration or removed from the course. Students who believe they may have an equivalent prerequisite may apply for a prerequisite waiver by contacting their Faculty advising office for more information.

Courses Excluded from Web Registration

Courses that require special approval are excluded from web registration. If you attempt to register in such courses, you’ll receive a response indicating that web registration is not available. Courses excluded from web registration include:

  • Undergraduate Thesis Course
  • Independent Study
  • Co-operative Education Work term
  • Applied Studies

For more information regarding other courses, check with the faculty offering the course.

Options Available

You should check with a academic advisor if you are unable to access a course required in your program. Waitlists are for urgent cases only and some Faculties only offer waitlisting to senior students. Keep in mind that during continuous registration, hundreds of registration changes are made each day and space in the class you need may become available. Please continue to try to register on the Bridge.


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