Liberal Education List Requirement (Lib Ed Requirement) Courses

uLethbridge is deeply rooted in a liberal education philosophy, so the Lib Ed Requirement has been incorporated into every Undergraduate degree and combined degree program.

The Liberal Education List Requirement ensures that throughout your degree you will acquire a breadth of knowledge, encompassing a variety of disciplines, perspectives and theories - a solid foundation for personal and professional development. Over the course of your program, you must complete four courses from each of the following three lists (12 courses in total):

  • List I - Fine Arts and Humanities
  • List II - Social Science
  • List III - Science

Students pursuing a post-diploma program offered by uLethbridge are required to meet either the full 12-course or a modified Lib Ed Requirement.

Did you know? If your PPG does not specifically list any Lib Ed Requirement courses it is because these courses are built into your program requirements.

You can find details on the Lib Ed Requirement and a complete listing of Lib Ed Requirement courses in School of Liberal Education in the Academic Calendar.


TIP- The required courses in your chosen major may fulfill Lib Ed Requirement course requirements. Use your PPG and the notes in the online Timetable to determine the lists from which your other Lib Ed Requirement courses should be chosen.


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