Admission: Step by Step!
Guide to the Admission Process

It's easy to become a University of Lethbridge student. This simple guide will show you how it happens.

Step 1 - Submit your application for admission

Undergraduate programs

Graduate programs

Remember to submit your application before the appropriate deadline. The application fee payment must be made successfully for the application to be submitted.

Application Fee
All applicants to the University of Lethbridge must pay an application fee, as follows:

  • Domestic (all transcripts from Canadian institutions): $100
  • International (any transcript(s) from non-Canadian institutions): $140

Applicants who have previously submitted an Application for Admission to a level of studies (e.g. undergraduate) are eligible to pay a reduced application fee of $25 for subsequent applications to the same level of studies.

Note: Applicants may submit only one application for admission per term. Requests to be considered for admission to an alternate undergraduate program should be emailed to

Step 2 - Submit your marks, transcripts, and other documents

Review our undergraduate document requirements and make arrangements for necessary documents to be submitted before the relevant decision document deadline.

Note: Graduate applicants must upload all supporting documents before submitting the online application.

Step 3 - Check your email

A few days after you submit your application, we will send you an email with your uLethbridge ID number and instructions for checking the status of your application and required documents online.

Step 4 - Apply for residence and scholarships

Visit the Housing Services website for more information about on-campus housing options and to apply to live in residence. The application opens September 15 each year.

Visit the Scholarships and Student Finance website for more information about student awards and other resources to help you finance your education.

Step 5 - Check the status of your application and supporting documents

Once you have submitted your application, you can monitor the status of your application and required documents online through the Bridge. This system enables you to view the same information that staff at the University have access to, in real time.

  1. Set up your Campus Login (username and password)
    • You will need your uLethbridge ID number, which is emailed to you shortly after submitting your application for admission. It is also included in all correspondence from the Registrar’s Office. If you have not received your ID number within ten business days of submitting your application, please contact us.
  2. Log in to the Bridge
    • Select Student
    • Select Admissions
  3. View your Admission Status, including:
    • The program, major, and term of your current application
    • Details about your status and your next steps, if any
    • Details about which admission documents we have received, which remain outstanding, and which we will obtain on your behalf.

Step 6 - Watch your email inbox or mailbox

If you are eligible for admission, we will send you an admission package that includes your offer of admission, instructions for accepting your offer, and important information to help you prepare for your studies at uLethbridge.

We mail admission packages to undergraduate applicants currently living in Canada or the United States. All other admission packages are emailed to the email account you used to submit your application.

If we are unable to issue you an offer of admission, you will be notified by email of the admission decision, the reason(s) for it, and advice for gaining admission to uLethbridge in the future.

Step 7 - Accept your offer

To confirm your Offer of Admission and pay your tuition deposit by the deadline date indicated on your emailed offer letter, visit the Bridge. If you are not able to accept online, please see the Confirmation of Admission page included in your emailed offer letter.

Step 8 - Meet the conditions of your offer, if any

If you received a conditional offer of admission, you will need to ensure that you fulfill all conditions by the appropriate deadline. Be sure to read the general information about conditional admission and the specific information included in your offer of admission letter.

Step 9 - Attend your New Student Orientation

You will be emailed an invitation for new student orientation, which is held each September and January for undergraduate students and each September for graduate students.


Undergraduate Programs

The University of Lethbridge is integrated with Alberta’s provincial application system, ApplyAlberta, for undergraduate programs.

The application opens in September for the following fall term and January for the following spring term.

Note: Current University of Lethbridge students should not use ApplyAlberta.

Graduate Programs

The University of Lethbridge uses the ApplyWeb application system, which is a secure and reliable online application provider for post-secondary institutions, for graduate programs.

The application opens in June for the following fall and summer terms, and February for the following spring term.

Application Deadlines

Application and document deadlines vary by campus, program, and term, as well as your academic background and Canadian residency status.

Undergraduate Deadlines

Graduate Deadlines