Check Your Schedule

Checking your class schedule anytime on the Bridge from your computer or mobile device is easy and convenient.

ULethbridge’s mobile app has several features that are extremely useful to students such as the Course Schedule. The Course Schedule feature allows you to see all the courses you are registered in each term and gives a detailed daily schedule of your classes including the location and time. Be sure to download this free app today to help you stay organized and access pertinent information at your fingertips.

Check your class schedule on the Bridge

  1. Select 'Student' from the main menu items.
  2. Select 'Registration'
  3. Click 'Week at a Glance' (Your schedule is available in alternative views. See also 'Student Detail Schedule' and 'Concise Student Schedule')
  4. Select the term you are registering for from the drop down menu
  5. Click 'Submit'
  6. Confirm your schedule looks correct

Did You Know? Various timetable changes may occur after you have registered. Be sure to check your schedule before the first day of classes.


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