Credit Hours vs. Courses

Each course is assigned a specific number of credit hours.

For Undergraduate students, a full course load is 15.0 credit hours, not a specific number of courses. For example, one student may take five 3.0 credit hour courses, while another student may take one 6.0 credit hour course and three 3.0 credit hour courses. Both students are taking a full course load even though one is taking five courses and the second is taking four. An Undergraduate students Sample Sequencing Plan recommends you take 15.0 credit hours in each fall and winter term.

Most courses are worth 3.0 credit hours; however, some are worth more (e.g. 6.0 credit hours) and some are worth less (e.g. 1.5 credit hours). The number of credit hours a course is worth can be found on the timetable or the course description website.


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