Faculty of Education Master's Programs

The Faculty of Education offers an array of master's programs to meet the needs of educators and counsellors.

Master of Education (General)

If you are a practicing educator looking for the kind of challenge that will expand your horizons and your career, this graduate degree may be a very good fit for you.

As educational leaders, we know it is our responsibility to be forward thinking. That means more than just staying on top of trends. It also means anticipating the areas that we can help the profession to expand to meet the needs of the most important learners – the children in the classrooms.

Master of Education (Educational Leadership)

If you are interested in a graduate degree that provides a balance of research, policy and practice in educational leadership, this program may be an ideal fit for you. We have designed this comprehensive program to reflect:

  • recent shifts in the knowledge base and restructuring of educational leadership programs worldwide
  • our commitment to prepare leaders for Alberta schools and school jurisdictions.

Master of Education (Counselling Psychology)

This program provides training for people who want to develop professional skills and attain certification in counselling psychology. The emphasis of the program is on the provision of counsellor training for those who aspire to be a Canadian Certified Counsellor or Registered Psychologist. This is a full-time, on-campus program offered over two years.

Master of Counselling

Designed for working professionals, the program is offered in a blend of online and face-to-face components, and prepares students for a career as a Canadian Certified Counsellor or Registered Psychologist. Students complete 12 courses and a culminating activity over a three-year time span.