Welcome To Professional Semester II

PS II is the second professional semester and is only offered in the Spring (January- April). It may be taken directly after PS I if a student has 25 or more courses (75 credit hours) completed at the point of admission. (If less than 25 courses have been completed, the remaining courses in the first degree and/or remaining education course electives should be completed.)

The PS II semester consists of:

  • completion of four on-campus courses for the PS II (which last approximately 7 weeks),
  • ED 3600 is a full time classroom assignment in a subject specific practicum (approximately 6 weeks). Language Arts majors are together, Science majors are together, etc. Here students plan, develop and deliver units of instruction. (This practicum carries a 1.5 course equivalent credit.)

It is an opportunity to integrate theory and practice under expert guidance. You will begin teaching within the first few days, usually with approximately one-half of your Teacher Associate's workload, progressing to 2/3 and then a likelihood of a full teaching load for no more than 3-5 days!

Your PS II Teacher Associate will provide daily verbal feedback and at regular intervals throughout the practicum will complete the PS II Formative Assessment Form to assist you with your growth and devlopment. This form is yours and is not submitted to the Field Experience office.