Program and Course Tuition Fees

There are two components to fees paid by students in Faculty of Education graduate programs:

Program Fee
Program fees are assessed every semester of a student's program, including semesters when no course enrollments occur. A minimum of nine program fees are assessed, including programs completed in fewer than nine semesters. Students will continue to pay program fees each semester they remain in program.

Course Tuition Fees
Course tuition fees are assessed per course. Total course tuition fees in a particular semester will be dependent upon the number of courses a student is registered in that semester.

For details please refer to the Master of Counselling Fee Schedule or the Master of Education Fee Schedule.


On-campus summer housing is available during Summer Institute.

Financial Support

Visit our Financial Assistance page for information on funding.

Course Credit Transfer

Students may apply to have credit for previous work accepted for credit towards their program. Refer to the Graduate Studies Calendar and Course Catalogue for details. Students should contact the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.