Mission, Vision and Values


Expanding horizons of possibility 

Situated in the heart of Blackfoot territory on its lands and waters, the University of Lethbridge (Iniskim)’s Faculty of Education seeks to respectfully honour and work alongside in supporting the advancement of Blackfoot culture, language and values. Built on an ethic of care, we are committed to act upon principles of fairness, equity, belonging and decoloniality in all our relations. By respectfully modelling diverse approaches to research and pedagogy, we continually strive to enable undergraduate and graduate students to become caring, creative and critical teachers, counselors, researchers and leaders. Through innovative, thoughtful, and accessible practices informed by our expertise, we prepare professionals to effectively engage with educational complexities both known and yet to be revealed. Central to these commitments is endeavouring to be local, national and international leaders in education, counselling and research.


  • We strive to be a supportive, ethical academic and educational community rooted in professional practice.
  • We inspire future and current educators and counsellors to meet the unique needs of diverse individuals living in a changing world.
  • We aim to prepare and support caring teachers, counsellors, researchers and leaders for the local context and beyond.
  • We value and work to strengthen our relationships with professional partners in the communities we serve.
  • We model and facilitate belonging and wellbeing in our relationships with and among each other.
  • We strive to thoughtfully respond to complex educational and societal challenges as they emerge.
  • We teach and model a commitment to diverse research pursuits that inform and respond to the communities we serve.
  • We endeavour to bring life to our teaching, our community and our scholarship by honouring the importance of relationships, civil discourse and deep knowledge of best practise in the fields of education and counselling.