Wigham Family PIP Award


The Wigham Family Professional Inquiry Project Award was established in 2019. The Wigham Family, long-time supporters of the University, wish to recognize the PS III Professional Inquiry Project and the role the PIP Symposium plays in showcasing the significant professional learning Interns experience.

The award will support students who demonstrate excellence in their professional inquiry project and present at the PIP Symposium. Distance presenters are eligible (via Web Conference).

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Award Details:

Individual PIPs vary greatly, but they are all rooted in an effort to explore and analyze a teaching-related activity or context.  Factors that demonstrate excellence typically include: 

o  the scope and nature of the project (such as what needs are being addressed , originality of the approach, incorporation of academic and professional literature) 

o the impact on the class, school or community 

o  the professional growth opportunities for the Intern 

Other Details:

o If a group of students is selected based on a collaborative PIP, one award will be presented and distributed equally.

 o University Consultants nominate projects for the award. Nominations will be requested during the week following the Symposium.

 o An Intern who is nominated will be notified. Presenting at the Symposium is required in order to be eligible for this award.


About the Wigham Family

Darol and Evelyn Wigham began supporting the University while their daughter, Patricia, was still a student at The University of Lethbridge in order to express their appreciation for her education. Their generous philanthropic support has spanned 40 years and has impacted multiple areas within the University. Perhaps most notable among the areas impacted is the establishment of a world class collection of children’s literature, both fiction and non-fiction. The Wigham Family Collection is located in the Faculty of Education’s Curriculum Laboratory.