Current Graduate Student Information

Policies and Procedures

Students and faculty members should familiarize themselves with the Calendar and SGS Policies and Procedures. 

SGS Policies and Procedures →

Graduate Calendar →

Forms and Guidelines

Many of the forms needed by students are found here:

Capstone, Project, and Thesis Forms →

Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook →

Education and Counselling Library Guides →

Professional Conduct

As a professional Faculty, we are committed to assisting students to become professionals.

Standards of Professional Conduct →

Program Schedules

Students must maintain continuous registration each term. Refer to your cohort schedule for course information.

Program schedules → 

Culminating Activity

Depending upon your program, you will have different options for your culiminating activity; Capstone, Project, or Thesis.

Capstone, Project, and Thesis Forms →

PhD in Education Forms 

Leadership Quality Standard

The Faculty of Education offers alternatives to meet the Alberta Education's LQS certification.

Leadership Quality Standard FAQ → 

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