Music Requirements

Music is a potential, an intelligence and a way of knowing ourselves and the world. Music education allows all children the chance to experience the core of their humanness in uniquely artistic ways. We believe teachers are the conduits that lead children through rich and meaningful musical experiences. This is why we accept only the finest potential music teachers into our program. Whether you already have a degree in music or are currently pursuing a combined degree with a major in music, part of your acceptance into the Faculty of Education has the following requirements:

If You Already Have a Degree

If you wish to enter the Faculty of Education with a major in Music Education, you must possess a recognized degree which includes a major in Music. In addition, all other prerequisites for admission must be met.

At the time of admission, the nature of the applicant's degree is examined, and a program is planned and approved by the Faculty of Education. If the approved degree contains the necessary components, including a completed teaching major, both certification and B.Ed. requirements may be met upon completion of 20 courses in Education.

*You may be required to make up deficiencies in your teachable school subject major if the total number of required courses is not complete, although acceptable, at the point of admission to the program. These courses will be over and above the 20 mandatory Education courses.

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Combined Degrees -- B.A. / B.Ed.

The Bachelor of Arts in combination with a B.Ed. is a program that allows students to learn about music history and theory as well as have many opportunities to perform as a soloist and/or as a member in our outstanding ensembles (band, voice, jazz, orchestra). Besides the Music courses, you will also take a diversity of other courses outside your major. For that reason, it is probably the best choice for students who wish to teach at an elementary level, where you will be expected to teach a broader range of subjects.

Combined Degrees -- B.Mus. / B.Ed.

The Bachelor of Music in combination with a B.Ed. is ideal for those wishing to teach at the secondary level since it allows for more Music courses. This program includes courses in music history and literature, theory and composition, conducting and private instruction in your choice of piano, voice, woodwinds, brass, percussion or strings. You'll also have many opportunities to perform as a soloist and/or as a member in our outstanding ensembles (band, voice, jazz, orchestra).

Completing the B.Mus./B.Ed. gives you the flexibility to work in the education field or in the music industry, or you may enter directly into a graduate program in your Fine Arts discipline.

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B.Ed. (Music Education) After Degree Program

If you’ve already completed your degree in Music and would like to complete a Bachelor of Education, you will need to have your degree reviewed and approved by the Faculty of Education before you can be accepted into the program.

Note:  Combined Degrees students are encouraged to contact the Faculty of Fine Arts, Advising, for additional information pertaining to the B.A. or B.Mus. portion of the program.