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We are committed to the well-being of our students and partners in determining what the future might look like in the Faculty of Education. As you may be aware, the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education will offer instruction and support for both undergraduate and graduate students with online delivery of courses throughout the Summer 2021 semester. With this in mind—and with the contours of the COVID-19 guidelines in place—we aspire to move forward responsibly delivering online the quality of instruction and support that our undergraduate and graduate programs are known for.

How can we help you?

During this unprecedented time we would like you to know that we continue to operate—in these unusual circumstances, on a different kind of platform. Going forward we continue to be here for you.

Faculty of Education staff are working remotely and are able to assist. 
Connect with us by email at Undergraduate: edu.sps@uleth.ca or Graduate: edu.masters@uleth.ca
University of Lethbridge COVID-19 webpage: http://www.uleth.ca/covid-19


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Forms, guidelines & other resources for off-campus practicum field experiences

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Curriculum Laboratory

Access to digital, print, and tactile materials for K-12 teaching.

Seeing Connections Between Math and Everyday Life: Raeesa Shivji (BSc/BEd ’21)

Reflection allows students to see connections between math and everyday life, notice how numbers inter-relate, and discover multiple ways of problem-solving. “Talking it out helps expand and solidify learning and helps develop …

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Book Launch: Sometimes Reading is Hard by Dr. Robin Bright

In this webinar, author-educator Robin Bright will explore a new perspective of what balanced literacy looks like, and how to apply that new perspective to teaching reading every day. Teaching reading is everyone's …

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Undergraduate Teacher Research: Generating New Knowledge and Resources

We want to prepare teacher graduates to think with a disposition of curiosity,” says Dr. Pamela Adams, noting that the Faculty of Education was founded on a strong base of reflection.

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Tackling Racial Underrepresentation in Majority White Schools: Deema Abushaban (BSc/BEd ’21)

“I was the only person of colour with a level of authority in the school. When they [female Muslim students] told me they couldn’t speak to anyone else, I realized the detriments of underrepresentation …

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Incorporating Blackfoot Values into Early Education: Kate Lawless (BA/BEd ’21)

Not being Indigenous, Kate Lawless (BA/BEd ’21) was concerned about appropriating and teaching aspects of a culture not her own. So she approached Faculty of Education instructor and Blackfoot Elder Don Shade for …

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On Becoming a Teacher: Five Questions with Dominique Point du Jour (BEd '21)

There are two pieces of advice Dominique Point du Jour can give to those who are about to begin their teaching journey. "Be humble...persevere. Each day is a new opportunity to make a difference. …

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