Counselling Psychology Practicum

The Master of Counselling and M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology) programs include a counselling psychology practicum placement. These placements allow you to experience counselling in practice and are aimed at skill development in real counselling settings.

Students in the Faculty of Education graduate counselling programs are responsible for arranging a suitable practicum placement. Following the approval of the placement, students wil be advised to register in the practicum courses. There are two courses associated with the practicum placement which are completed in one practicum setting over the fall and spring terms.

At least 8 months prior to the course start date students begin to prepare for the practicum; to commence the process students should carefully review the Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook. When students are familiar with the document they should proceed with establishing a placement as instructed in Section 3.1 Establishing a Practicum Placement.


Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook and Appendices

Carefully review the Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook. This document provides students and supervisors with instructions and guidlines pertinent to establishing and completing a practicum.

Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook →

This form is utilized to approve supervisors and agencies for practicum placements. 

Appendix A: Practicum Profile →

This form reviews the risk associated with participating in the practicum course. A signed and initialed copy should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

Appendix C: Informed Consent, Risk Acknowledgement and Indemnity Agreement

This form is only to be submitted in the case of a practicum placement at a student's place of employment, and only in extenuating circumstances should this option be sought. 

Appendix D: Practicum at Place of Employment

Upon approval of a practicum placement,  the Office of Graduate Studies and Research in Education will arrange a Practicum Agreement with the approved agency.

Appendix E: Practicum Agreement

This form is used by the Supervisor or Agency to provide information to allow for the honorarium to be paid. It should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research along with Appendix E: Practicum Agreement.

Practicum F: Schedule A Honorarium

To be completed and submitted as required by the instructor.

Appendix G: Learning Plan →

This form is a sample and may be used to obtain written permission from clients related to supervision and recording of client sessions.

Appendix H: Consent for Supervision and Recording Sessions →

This form includes definitions of the hours used to record time spent at the practicum agency. The form should be submitted to your instructor throughout your practicum. A final signed copy should also be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at the end of the term.

Appendix I: Practicum Activity Log (Word Version) →

Appendix I: Practicum Activity Log (Excel Version) →

Appendix I: Practicum Activity Log_Final Week (PDF Version) →

This form is utilized for the mid-term and final evaluation. A signed copy should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at the end of the term.

Appendix J: Practicum Feedback and Evaluation Form →

This appendix is a reference relative to the graduate counselling programs being CAP approved programs pathway.

Appendix K: CAP Approved Programs Pathway

Counselling Psychology Practicum Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to Section 1.4 Key Deadlines (Page 4) in the Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook for a list of required documents to be submitted. Documents should be submitted to

As per Section 2.3 Definition of Practicum Hours (Page 6) in the Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook, specialized counselling practices require Clinical Coordinator approval prior to engaging in these types of client work in practicum. Approval for Specialized Counselling will be based on the student’s training and skills, and Supervisor competencies.

We hold Pre-Practicum Sessions beginning in the Fall term a year prior to the start of your practicum. This allows students the opportunity to seek opportunities in sites that hire prior to the end of the year, for placements commencing the following fall. The majority of placements are secured in the spring prior to the start of the practicum. 

Placements where the client hours are up to 100% online can be submitted for approval, but note that at least 30% of the supervision hours need to be in person and the supervisor must agree to provide training and supervision around online counselling. The work must meet CCPA's requirement that at least 75% of all direct counselling hours must meet their "relational processing criteria." 

For additional information, please refer to pages 6 and 16 in the Counselling Psychology Practicum Handbook.

The practicum runs within the specific terms (Fall and Winter) and is also dictated by the dates indicated in the contract with the Agency. Due to WCB and insurance coverage, students may not commence seeing clients prior to the first day of the term. However, students may (in the capacity of a volunteer) undertake orientations to the site prior to the start of the term.