The field component (or practicum) of the Education 2500 course is designed to open your eyes to the realities of this challenging - but rewarding - profession by assigning you to a school classroom for 60 hours (20 mornings). During this time, you’ll have the chance to function in a role similar to a teacher assistant. During your Education 2500 practicum, you will be evaluated by the Teacher Associate and University Consultant using the Education 2500 Field Experience Report

Your on-campus seminar is evaluated by your Teaching Seminar instructor using the Education 2500 Seminar Report

For comprehensive information with regard to Education 2500, please refer to the Education 2500 Handbook on this Education 2500 Forms & Guidelines page, or contact:

Student Program Services

For admission consideration, you will need to successfully complete the Education 2500 course and practicum (or its equivalent) and receive a favourable recommendation from the instructor prior to admission to the Faculty of Education.

Those who feel they already have the equivalent experience can submit a request for a waiver of Education 2500. You will need to have completed a minimum of 120 hours of experience in a Grade 1-12 Canadian classroom setting under the supervision of a certified teacher. You must provide a breakdown of your teaching assignment(s) and include letters of reference from your supervising teacher(s) attesting to your teaching suitability and verifying your hours. Please review the EDUC 2500 Waiver Policy  and the Guidelines for Volunteer or Paid Teaching Experience very carefully. The Letter of Request deadline is February 1 and late requests will not be accepted. If you do obtain a Waiver of Education 2500 it will not result in University course credit.

While you may wish to submit a request for a waiver, it is recommended that you take the Education 2500 course.

Many students opt to take Education 2500 during Summer Session I at the U of L, which typically begins in early May and goes until the middle of June. Taking the course at this time gives you the flexibility you need to participate in school activities and to focus on the experience. The course is also offered in the Fall and Spring in Lethbridge and surrounding areas, as well as in Calgary* during Summer Session I.

Note*: If you are interested in taking Education 2500 in Calgary during Summer Session I, please contact Student Program Services in the Faculty of Education by email: (space is limited)

To register for the Lethbridge course, you’ll need to complete and submit an Open Studies Registration Form for the term you are planning to complete the course. For the Calgary course, please contact (registration for Calgary EDUC 2500 can only be completed through Student Program Services). 
You should also know:

  • this form is in addition to the regular U of L application to the Bachelor of Education program
  • Education 2500 is mandatory unless you can provide satisfactory evidence of teaching experience to be approved for a waiver by Student Program Services (as noted above)

If you are in the Combined Degrees program and are a continuing student, you just need to register for Education 2500 during your window of registration.